Exploring the spectacular landscapes in and around Nanaimo, British Columbia while on assignment for an advertising agency client. Even though I’ve lived on the west coast of Canada for most of my life, I was still blown away by the natural beauty of these locations that we visited on Vancouver Island.

These photos were shot with an Apple iPhone 5. See more like this on Instagram: @maurice.

Celebration of Light

Team Canada put on a spectacular show at the 23rd annual Celebration of Light fireworks competition in Vancouver, BC, Canada. When the pyrotechnic display was finished, hundreds of boats streamed out of English Bay, many passing under the Burrard Street Bridge on their way back to their home marinas.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba

As someone who loves architecture and spaces, one of my most anticipated activities during our visit to Winnipeg on the “blogger train" was a tour of the upcoming Canadian Museum for Human Rights. The museum is not due to be completed until 2014, so we were issued hard hats, steel toed boots and safety vests before entering the construction zones. The structure is full of interesting angles, materials, and vantage points throughout. I’m already looking forward to returning one day when the project is complete.

For a complete set of photos including more night and interior views, please visit my Facebook page.

Beautiful Jasper, Alberta

If I had one regret during the train journey across Canada, it would be not having more time to spend exploring the spectacular landscapes in and around Jasper. I was only there for a few days, but I’ll forever miss waking up to the presence of serene lakes and majestic mountains - mere minutes away in every direction.

Canada Mural

To help celebrate Canada’s 146th birthday, artist Chairman Ting was invited by the Canadian Tourism Commission to live paint a giant Canadian maple leaf on the side of Vancouver’s Canada Place building on Canada Day.

Read more about Chairman Ting and why he was so proud to take on the project.

Tangle Falls

While making our way back to Jasper from the Columbia Icefield, we were lucky enough to get a clear view of Tangle Falls, a beautifully tiered cascade situated in Jasper National Park. Not long after that, we came across a trio of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep grazing on a mountainside. They didn’t seem to mind our presence and our cameras too much - if I didn’t know better, I might even say they enjoyed the spotlight…

Canada Day Fireworks in Vancouver

Highlights from the Canada Day Burrard Inlet Fireworks Show in celebration of Canada’s 146th birthday. The fireworks were viewable from a variety of vantage points from Canada Place and the Vancouver Convention Centre, right around to Stanley Park and the North Shore.

These photos were taken from a position beside the nine o’clock gun on the Stanley Park seawall. For more photos, please visit my Facebook page.

The CN Tower in Toronto

Looking up at, and down from, Toronto’s CN Tower - the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere.

The LookOut observation deck and the glass floor views were great, but I’m looking forward to returning soon to do the EdgeWalk!

(With “blogger train" friends, Alan & Veronica.)

Pyramid Lake - Jasper, Alberta

An atmospheric timelapse video of beautiful Pyramid Mountain in Jasper. This was shot and edited on an iPhone 5 from the shores of Pyramid Lake.

The Columbia Icefield - Volume I

A short trip south from Jasper, Alberta lies the Columbia Icefield, which feeds eight major glaciers. After a brief orientation, we boarded a gigantic Brewster Ice Explorer vehicle and headed for the vast, icy slopes of the Athabasca Glacier. It was an amazing feeling to step out onto ice formed from snow that fell hundreds of years ago. We also got the chance to fill up our water bottles and canteens with fresh glacial water - likely the best tasting water I’ve ever had!